Inventory Loans

Inventory loans can be used to supplement accounts receivable financing. Commonly these funds are short term and used to take advantage of attractive purchasing opportunities or to support seasonal increases in inventory. The actual amount of funds available from an inventory advance will primarily depend upon the composition of the inventory and purpose of the loan. Mechanically, an inventory loan can be handled with a minimum of paperwork or reporting, and usually without third party control.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is a method to obtain advances from Bay Business Credit to acquire material for filling orders from your customers. Purchase Order Financing is available only to customers that have an accounts receivable line established with Bay Business Credit.

Trade Debt Guaranties

Trade debt guarantees are guarantees issued by Bay Business Credit to your suppliers to assist you in getting additional material for your production needs. These can be short or long term in nature assuring your company with a steady source of raw material to meet customer demand.

Inventory Loans