Fixed Asset Loans

Fixed Asset Loans

Fixed asset loans are provided to clients who wish to keep their capital working. A term loan based upon fixed assets can be used to acquire additional equipment and to improve a company's financial position by increasing working capital, consolidating debt, and reducing monthly payments. Our loans are based on market value, not book value, thus the borrowing base may be greater than accounting conventions would indicate.

Equipment Financing

We provide loans for the purchase of new and used equipment. Often we even finance one-hundred percent of the cost. The term of the loan can be adjusted to fit your cash flow. Fixed or adjustable rates are available.

Leveraged Acquisitions

Leveraged acquisitions can be accomplished by using the asset-based programs described above. If your firm is seeking to purchase another business, it can use the assets of the company to be acquired as collateral for the financing.

New Venture Financing

New venture financing through a program of asset-based lending assures working capital will be available to support business growth. At Bay Business Credit our focus is on cash flow and collateral which allows us to look beyond the short history of a firm and to provide needed credit when it is critical.